Roof Coatings

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The roof of your commercial facility bears the brunt of exposure to the elements. Over time, sun, wind, rain and snow can damage your roof, which leads to structural damage to the rest of the building. You need long-lasting protection that will keep your roof from leaking and shield the substrate from damaging UV rays. Our professionals at GSL PAINTING know how to select and apply the optimal coating that will provide the protection your roof needs, while allowing it to retain a like-new appearance for years.


Waterproofing is essential to the longevity of commercial roofing. When water penetrates through cracks or holes in the roof, it can cause interior leaks that weaken the substrate and damage the building’s structural integrity.

Elastomeric coatings are an exceptional choice for waterproofing roofs and decks. These coatings have 100% elongation properties, enabling them to expand and contract along with the substrate in extreme heat or cold, while still retaining their shape. Elastomerics can also bridge existing small cracks or holes and keep them watertight.

For additional protection, clear polyurethane or UV protective coatings can be applied as a top coat. These coatings prevent UV damage and prevent paint from fading in the sun, so your roof retains its aesthetic appeal.

Roof coatings can also be environmentally friendly. Cool roof coatings, which are generally light in color, effectively reflect the heat of the sun away from your roof. This works to stabilize temperatures inside your facility, therefore reducing your energy costs.

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